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Meet the team… Elisabeth du Souich

I always looked at the company where I worked and asked myself whether in a small way, I was helping making the world a better place.

What do you think is the most interesting trend in the industry, and why?

As the least “tech” person in the team, I would struggle to answer this question so I will go back to a discussion I had with our CEO when I first joined. I always looked at the company where I worked and asked myself whether in a small way, I was helping making the world a better place. David told me that if we get our model right, we will improve one of the largest and most important markets in the world, and help avoid market crises, like what we saw in 2008. It’s a small improvement in the world, but I am proud to work for a company that wants to make a difference.


“I am proud to work for a company that wants to make a difference.”

Elisabeth du Souich

Best and worst things on a Zoom call

We mainly use Microsoft Teams in the office, and I do love making a bit of a difference with a different background every day. I have previously used backgrounds with famous places in the world and the rest of the team played the game of “where is Liz” the first few seconds of a meeting. Nowadays, I’m enjoying my festive backgrounds!

The worst thing might be having to swap between apps as my headphones don’t seem to always pick up the correct tool and I end up having to use my computer sound with my cat meowing in the background.

Netflix series you most recently binged on and would recommend

Travelers is quite good; I live with a big sci-fi fan and we try to pick together series that we both like to finish our evenings cuddled up on the sofa. I have to say that as a “non-believer” in time travelling, I think this series is very smartly done, the acting is good and the rhythm of the stories well-paced. I also really enjoyed the Umbrella Academy. For such a young actor, Aidan Gallagher really nailed it!

Best book for a much-needed holiday

I’m in the middle of reading Thinking, Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman. I his simple explanation of how the human brain works, including some fun exercises that opened my mind on the way we think. I look forward to finishing it during the holiday and discussing it with my brother over the dinner table!

Recipe for the perfect evening/weekend?

Going abroad with my fiancé for the weekend is our ultimate favourite thing to do! Discovering together, other ways of living, walking all day long and visiting new places, finishing with a lovely dinner in one of the best rated restaurants in town is what I love doing. We had plans to do one country a month this year but obviously this’ll have to be rescheduled later!

Best piece of advice you have given or received?

I think “Use adversity as an opportunity” is a great advice as it led me to landing a fantastic job at LedgerEdge. I was furloughed at the beginning of the pandemic and I used the time to BBLYCB (Be the Best Liz You Can Be). It really does make you feel like a different person when you take the time to learn about all the topics that interest you and try to better yourself. We are so busy nowadays it’s hard to remember that there are so many other things to discover out there! Whether it is by learning a new skill, increasing your resilience, meditating, exercising more, understanding more about nutrition, etc.

Tell us about your career to date

At the early stages of my career, I had the opportunity to work as an EA and office manager for several world-renowned architectural practices and I learnt about hard work, deadlines, being part of a team and building a product that equally needed to take engineering, environment and design into consideration.

After a few years in architecture, I decided it was time to learn about other industries and I joined BCG DV. I enjoyed the blend between business and technology, and even more so that we started as a start-up to become such a successful worldwide company, building exciting new businesses. I launched a new Client Experience and Events department and worked with many different people from different background and countries which taught me about resilience and self-confidence.

One of the start-ups created by BCG DV, MachineMax, asked me to join them as Operations Manager. Having worked with the C-suite for many years prior, I was delighted to join this new enterprise and particularly relished the opportunity of working on building a culture of team spirit and trust. Unfortunately, I was furloughed during the pandemic but soon was given the opportunity to join LedgerEdge as Business Operations Manager with an inspiring CEO, a supporting founder and a team that is full of banter and fun, hardworking and with people that truly care for one another as well as for the product being built (I’ve never seen so much appreciation being shared!).

Despite having to join a new company in such a surreal time, I have felt it really easy to settle down and feel part of a fantastic team where everyone drives the others to be their best!

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