Why LedgerEdge?

We know you want to do more for less. The LedgerEdge trading platform takes the strain. Here’s how:

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Uncover the best opportunities with smart orders

Smart orders limit data leakage by revealing themselves only when your best conditions are met. Our smart orders confidentially and automatically search the market for the best results. Smart contracts and automation give you efficient execution.

Keep control of your data

Retain ownership and control of all your data, including orders, axes, holdings, and inventory. Your information is secured in a data vault, and only shared when and where you direct. Then, use the power of our smart search to find the best opportunities to unlock liquidity.


Turn an idea into an opportunity 

Harness the power of the LedgerEdge network using our unique search tools to create a crystal-clear picture of opportunities across all live markets. 

Engage and trade directly

Direct distribution allows buyers and sellers to connect directly and scale up new connections in our ultra-secure, regulated, and institutional-grade ecosystem. 

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Trade more efficiently 

Turn high touch into high performance as LedgerEdge hosts all your available liquidity points in one place. Our intuitive platform design allows you to interact how you want to with ease, with all trading information in one, simple view – Orders, Axes, Inventory, Holdings and execution protocols; Click-to-trade, negotiation and RFQ.

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Enjoy your just rewards

Reap the benefits of our revolutionary data marketplace which rewards contributors for data and liquidity, while buyers pay fairly for consumption – giving you a data marketplace that finally makes sense.  

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Intelligent analytics

Data-driven clarity is part of our DNA. Whether it’s best match, best counterparty, or best asset, our unrivalled analytics tools help you make data-informed trading decisions. No more fishing in the dark, it’s time to search and contract with confidence.

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Tap into a platform made by trading experts

LedgerEdge has been built by the market, for the market. It’s been designed with leading global banks, asset managers, and market makers. Our team of experts have the track record you can trust.

A future-proof platform

Built from the ground up with modern technology, our platform is agile and responsive. Our team are uniquely dedicated to innovation in a way the corporate trading market has never seen before.

LedgerEdge is the next generation ecosystem for trading corporate bonds – powered by secure, trusted, and cutting-edge technology. LedgerEdge gives you more control, better opportunities, and better execution.

The most advanced digital market

The market has what it needed 20 years ago; LedgerEdge has taken the market where it needs to go with the ambition to address new markets and new asset classes. Corporate bonds are just the start.

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